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Rudolph’s Sweet Deal

You remember this guy found dumpster diving last year after killing, maiming, and mayhem in GA & AL. Much ado has been made about the solitary confinement he’s in for.
Quite frankly, I don’t want him to have solitary, solitaire, or anything connected with the word solice. Feds c’mon, if you can’t give him death [by the way, I’m anti electric chair but I am pro ELECTRIC COUCH (throw 3 or 4 of ‘em on at one time,get it over with, and televise it)], at least make him really miserable.
How about putting him in an overcrowded
state pen (4-5 to a cell) where every morning [or night wink ] he’s gotta worry the rest of what you call a “life” sentence, “Oh God, who do I have to fight (off) today [or tonight wink ]? Who’s gonna try to shank me today?”. It would make a helluva reality TV show. 

Posted by cricket on 04/16 at 09:01 PM in Blogging

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