Rodney King releases rap record

Dont Laugh

ìI hear you hatiní while I’m prayiní it donít happen to you / I see you laughiní like you got it, but you ainít nothiní but a fool. / I had my face broke, I been face down; I had to face tomorrow when I was gettin’ clowned.î

Those are the rhymes of aspiring new rapper Rodney King. That’s right, the man whose beating by the police led to the LA riots in 1992 is rapping about his hard knocks—and aiming for stardom. King sat down exclusively with “CJ” to break the news that heís serious about making his mark in the world of rap.

King has a CD in the works and heís hoping to enlist some A-list artists to perform with. On Rodneyís wish list: Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige or Kanye West.

Record executive Jeff Grabow thinks Rodney’s rap will do well. “He will sell a lot of CDs, that’s not a doubt in my mind. If this album is a decent album and has a couple of good stars on it, this thing could be multi-platinum,” Grabow told us.

Rodney spent a year in drug rehab and three months in jail after he smashed up his SUV in 2003 and pled guilty to DUI. But King claims it was his sponsor in rehab who convinced him to rap, even though King is still on probation and canít drive. But Rodney insists, “I donít really like driving no more, anyway.”

Rodney also insists he now has a good relationship with cops, and that wherever he goes, police show their support. “I had one cop told me, ‘Hey man, don’t worry about nothing, I got your back Rod, I got your back no matter what.”

And rap fans might be surprised at just how solid King sounds—maybe someday he’ll be known not just for taking a beating, but rapping to a beat, with rhymes like these:

ìAnd to think it ainít changed, still fightiní the same war, still watching good boys try to be hard-core / Now ten years have passed and the fire just quit, the smoke just cleared and itís the same old ****, the same head trip, man I’m sick of sayiní it.”

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