Alright, here you go Stephen

How do you feel about repairations?  Should we as a people get it?  If so, how?

Well, here is how I feel....... We should get it. I just recently started feeling like that.  But there is a catch, I don’t feel that we should be given checks or a tax deduction or anything like that.  Money will not give us what they took from us.  After reading “The Debt” by Randall Robinson, I realized that our pride was stolen from us.  They stole it by taking our history away.  We as a race should be proud to have the color of skin that we do.  Our ancestor did some magnificent things over in Africa.  I have been to the Civil Rights Museum many times. (I live in Memphis) The last time I went, all I could feel is that the history of our people is so incomplete.  Africans created the alphabet that the Alphabet that we use today came from. 

So, how should repairations be handed out?  Books and Classes.  In school, when children are learning about what was going on in Europe before america was formed, they need to study what was happening in Africa before we were brought over here.  All children need to learn of the things we accomplished.  White kids in the mountains need to know. Chinese kids in chinatown need to know.  Eventually, we will get a sense of our history and our pride back.

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