Really, I’m not grumpy.

No, dear Shelley.  You are most definitely NOT off of the hook.  Now that you have bitten of the fruit of reading and responding, you must know wriggle your fingers on your keyboard while trying to write a good excuse for me to let you off of the hook.

Thanks for your responses.

I don’t think that I am a major grump.  Perhaps I have found a way to let some issues flow.  These things formed into sentences are just thoughts that I have already had.  Because I may have never found anyone that I could fuss near and not cry, I chose this medium.  This is good for me.  I am able to vent and my Log doesn’t judge me.  The Log just sits there and takes it like a good Log should.

I just got home from work today.  Today was probably the busiest day of the week for our office.  It seemed that every station that we work with, except for the other US station, decided that July 4th was the day that they wanted to use to try and get work done.  Why today?  Well, my assumption about the English is that those guys are still upset that we pay ourselves taxes as opposed to them.  They still haven’t forgiven us for being bad and rebelling against the king.  It was a king wasn’t it?

I don’t understand why the Dutch would make Independence Day miserable for the lone AMERICAN working on the project.  We haven’t pissed on them have we?  I don’t recall any stories about invading armies of wooden shoed gladiators surrounding our villages with windmills and launching massive tulip barrages against our weak urban populace.  I haven’t a clue what it could be.

Oh, yes I do!

It’s the darned EU.  They have all decided to join together in profound jealosy and hatred of our American values.  (the joke stops here)

Have a nice Independence Day.  Talk to you soon.


Posted by SPN on 07/04 at 03:45 PM in Personal

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