re- Top brass cleared over Iraq abuse

so who were the soldiers that took the fall for th antics in IRAQ? 

NOT that I condone the brutalitalization of human beings, but war is war people and one must understand the the boundaries of WAR before engaging an adult affair that will no doubt be life threatening; if you are willing to risk your life for you country don’t cry over spilled milk - that’s kinda my take. 

War is a nasty business , and I choose a different line of profit for that same reason.  So the Government CAN’T TELL ME TO GO KILL - SO THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T CAN’T TELL ME TO GO DO ANYTHING.  For the record I admire you that have given your lives, sacraficed your families, children, husbands., and/or wives.

For the record I think that it’s a bunch of crap that under war like conditions—even given the rules of “engagement” that our soldiers hands are tied so much on the battlefield and then blamed, sentenced, and courtmarsheled lickety-split when the lives of the soldiers families are depending on the and they are serving their country AND THIS IS WHAT THEY GET FOR FOLLOWING ORDERS?  If you asked me I’d be special OPPS about now all XXX all over their asses!  What I’m trying to say is this is WRONG! just as wrong as letting millions of women and children die in Rawanda and it’s in our own backyard! this time.

So come on homeland security, bring it to me with your patriot act, I’ll be waiting up for you.

Posted by bbeard on 04/28 at 07:50 AM in Blogging

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