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Re 2 the Re: of the Original “Top Brass…..”

Sorry, I had to post here because it wouldn’t take my comment.

As I said, I have no grand illusions about the gov’ts motives in Iraq, oil certainly being one. But let’s take a little test. All who have stopped using any petroleum products since the invasion, please raise your hands.

Let’s talk about abuse and genocide. There was no oil in it for the US in Kosovo or Somolia either. But I guess since Kosovo was a NATO operation, we get no credit for ending the madness. By the way, I don’t remember hearing a resounding THANK YOU from the Islamic world for that one.
As for Rwanda (and you can add Darfur, & the rest), my head is bowed also. But blame their damn neighbors! Thank God that the OAS headed up by Nigeria is at least talking about doing something about Darfur,Sudan. Wow! Another Muslim nation SURROUNDED by other Muslim nations that won’t correct the problem. (I’m begining to see a pattern here). Iraq,Afgh...,Sudan. You ever notice that the police almost always show up after the fact anyway.

I don’t blame the US for being picky about its fights. Somolia was a bugger and nothing to show for it. And that wasn’t even a war (until we started looking for Muhammed Farrah Adid), but a “meals on wheels” mission. But shame on the US for having interests.

Posted by cricket on 04/28 at 09:35 PM in Blogging

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