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Last year, more than 100,000 AARP members an supporters as they voiced their
outrage to Congress and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
(EEOC) about attempts to allow employers to discriminate against older
retirees and eliminate retiree health benefits.  This issue has not gone
away.  Once again you’re requested to help protect retiree health benefits.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) - the federal agency
that is supposed to enforce the laws prohibiting employment discrimination -
is about to finalize a rule that will expressly allow employers to
discriminate against older retiree.  The rule will all employers to
eliminate ALL retirees health benefits (not just prescription drugs) for
retirees eligible for Medicare or state health plans.

Call 1-800-928-8626 today!

This rule is identical to “section 631” of the Senate’s version of the
Medicare RX bill.  Congress deleted Section 631 from the final Medicare RX
law after hearing from tens of thousands of AARP members.  Unfortunately,
the EEOC has turned a deaf ear to those same concerns and us now trying to
accomplish through the backdoor what Congress refused to do directly in the

If the EEOC rule takes effect, there will be nothing to prevent employers
from altering, reducing, or even eliminating the health benefits of any
retiree over the age of 65.  Many of these folks—about 13 million people
-- have been working the better part of their lives to earn these benefits.

Call 1-800-928-8626 today!

Tell the EEOC and Congress that you oppose the EEOC’s backdoor attempt to
eliminate retiree health benefits.  Insist that the EEOC Commissioners vote
against the rule that allows employers to discriminate against older
retirees and that it be withdrawn.

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