Prison sucks, they have proof

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Prison Sucks. We Have Proof.
by Denny Eichhorn
The most badword-up thing about the United States of America is its so-called ìcriminal justice system,î particularly the jails and prisons. The demonization and exploitation of a large segment of the USAís population has created an intolerable situation that only serves to undermine our already crumbling society. Itís a cruel gulag that enslaves and disenfranchises a sizable chunk of our citizenry.
Ideally, the concepts behind American justice sound great! Fair laws, concern for individual rights; lawful arrests, searches and seizures; speedy trials overseen by wise, capable jurists who ensure that just sentences are imposed on those found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But it hasnít worked out that way. The system is seriously flawed.

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Never mind that many laws, particularly the drug laws, are poorly conceived and selectively enforced, and that the wheels of justice grind more gently for those with lots of money and the right lineages and connections. Itís what happens to those hapless citizens who are processed into the system, then sent off to rot in cells after theyíve been convicted and branded as enemies of society, that Iím concerned with here.
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