Parrot leads couple to quit smoking

Well at least they were smart enough to try and keep the smarter life form healthy… the parrot that is.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004 Posted: 9:15 PM EDT (0115 GMT)

LONDON, England (Reuters)—A British couple booked themselves into a clinic to quit smoking after the vet said it was the only way to save their beloved sick parrot.

Kevin Barclay and Sharon Wood gave up a 50-cigarette-a-day habit to save their Amazon orange-winged parrot J.J., said the vet, Glen Cousquer of the South Beech Veterinary Surgery in Essex, southeastern England.

“One of the key things that we need to get right with parrots generally is air quality,” he told Reuters.

“This particular bird presented with very severe respiratory problems. The owners were instructed to do everything they could to improve the bird’s environment.”

“I think i must have shaken the owners up quite badly, because the next time I saw them they actually had booked themselves into one of these anti-smoking clinics and were determined to stop. They’ve gone five weeks,” he said.

J.J., he said, “is doing really well. It is certainly going to improve his life expectancy.”

It may help the owners, too

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