Once Again The Islamic World Shows Its Ass

We can dish it out but we can’t take it.
Poor ole Pope was just reading a quote.

I am STILL Muslim despite the pathetic behavior of my co-religionists overseas. I wish they would tittle the religion THEY"RE practicing “Is Lame”.

1] As a muslim, I can respect the Pope but in the end , I could really care less what he has to say. even if this was his own opinion.

2] These demonstrations are as absurd as the post Rodney King riots. Churches attacked, a nun killed......  What happened to that ayat about respecting ALL the houses where God’s name is remembered.

3] What? C’mon Imam, you’ve never said derogatory things about Christianity and Judaism? You’re going to tell ME that Islam was spread ENTIRELY through trade and contact. That NO ONE on “our side” was an oppressive invader and occupier? You may have to talk to a Sikh brother about how HIS religion got started.

4] I’m tired of all these apologists getting on the news talking about how tolerant Islam is. It’s true, most religions are, but people choose not to be. We’ll all be better off when we recognize THAT fact. There are doers of evil under the guises of them all.

I believe that the “bad” that is in scripture is there so that we can recognize the propensity for evil in the person that can see only THAT bad and none of the good. ex.] Slaughtering of Caananites. Qur’anic intolerance. Synagogue of Satan. The “Curse of Ham”. etc.
People who continually harp on themes like these without seeing the greatier good in scripture, will show their evil by trying to show a superiority / inferiority.

Get off your Golden Age of Islam high horse, recognise and submit to truth, and then make the improvements. No matter WHO points out your shortcomings.

Posted by cricket on 09/17 at 07:40 PM in Religion / Sprituality

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