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Old Hairdresser From Atlanta Creates Big Bodacious

For the love of a dog that saved my life!

“I got Willabell when she was 2 years old. We changed her name to Willabell primarily because she was an abused adopted dog that needed a fresh start. My husband named her Willabell, which means “the chosen one” in German. She now resides in doggy utopia with two old people that give her lots of attention; letís her sleep on a feather mattress, travels everywhere, and eats gourmet table food.

Now for the real story, I have a medical condition called sleep apnea. I sleep with a breathing machine at night and have been warned not to even take a nap without it. The consequences would be a possible stroke or heart attack.

I was not feeling well so I went back to my pulmonary specialist. He asked me how I was doing with the new machine and I said ěnot so hot, this damn dog I adopted keeps waking me up, nudging my head, licking my face until I set up in bed.î He said, ěJune, I want to give you a special machine that will monitor you this weekend so we can see what is wrong.î I returned the machine on Monday. Monday night he called and said, ěthe dog saved your life.î Apparently the breathing mask I had was not working. I had to come in and get a full facial mask. The Doctor warned me again not to take a nap without it, if I get sleepy put in on, and Willabell has not woke me since I got the new mask.

Realizing my Dog saved me from a possible heart attack or stroke, I wanted people to pet my beloved Willabell. But being a giant 160 pound Blue Merle Great Dane was not an easy request. As a child, I remembered my neighbors had a Greyhound Kennel for racing. They taught me that if you are afraid of a dog; or pick up a stick to hit a dog, they cannot discriminate the smell - it’s the same scent. That’s why so many people get bit by a dog!

I started out painting Willabell’s toe nails candy apple red or bright pink. People laughed. Then I started making Willabell’s collars and leads with bodacious jewels. People loved them and she started getting petted a lot. It worked, people were not afraid to pet her or talk to me.

All decked out like the DIVA she is, I have even taken her to nursing homes and she made a man who has not spoken in years scream, “A 160 pound Great Dane, Right!?” The Doctors were amazed by Willabellís affect on the man.

It all started for the love of a dog, a feel good story that’s terrific. It took me 23 hours to hand sew the Collar for my Willabell and nearly $30.00 for the raw materials. Our family-owned business, The CreativeWorx Group, Inc. now invents dog products. Luxury Leads & Chic Collars are affordable for every one, even if the Europeans think they are gaudy!


Posted by rosevine69 on 11/01 at 06:34 AM in Blogging

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