new poem the shower

the shower

Intimately every morning we meet
Starry eyes still full of last nightís vertigo romance
The hot water reminds me
How vulnerable I have become

The cleaning agents burn
The wounds that donít seam to heal
Stretching again to accommodate
The over developed belly
That remains a secretÖ.From most

The scars are beautiful and precious
Yet ugly tattoos of a forbidden past
That I care no longer to entertain
How is it that such sudden
Human hunger can evoke
Such change in two hearts?

How is it that a tenderness
Is brought forth from nothingness
Less the most unfortunate soul
That must survive these tormenting summers, alone?

It is the shower in the ëmorn
That reveals my weakness
For the day to come
It burns my skin
In the most sensitive of parts
It reveals our true weaknesses
And in those truest moments
We hope, we only hope
That our day will see us through
~Brady Beard

Posted by bbeard on 03/13 at 10:27 PM in Poetry

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