new poem The Fight

I thought thrice before posting this.  i’m not sure why.  maybe b/c it’s so close to home right now

The Fight

So how long

I donít know

Maybe a few months a year at best 3 years tops

So bottom line you donít really know

No.. I ah.. We donít
The truth is,
We donít really ever know for certain ñ
Thatís an impossibility. 
There are just too many factors.

Factors what do you mean factors? 
So Iím a factor now? 
My life is just a series of equations?

Well not really itís more like this. 
Like how you take this kind news and what you do with it.  How you live you last days here.  How you live with all your breath or just whisper at the cloudsÖÖ..if you see the entire flower or just grumble at the weeds.  You know itís up to you. You could meet the Lord sky divin, rocky mountain climbin or just bass lake fishishin in lake Watcha-Hatcha-Hoo.  See it really doesnít matter what you done or where you been but what it comes down to the finish line is whoís got you hand wrapped around yours and who holds your smile in their eyes, thatís the important stuffÖ.That my friend IS the magic!!  Knowing what youíve left behind here on Earth and being content that itís a good legacy, knowing that youíve lived your life selflessly for your King, your family, and theirs.  And thats the best - the very best that any man could hope for.

You see those are a lot of factors that come into play in business like this; not just sky divin, and all the adrenalin things that you havenít done as a young buck, more than that they are things of the heart.

Posted by bbeard on 03/13 at 11:07 PM in Poetry

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