My site has been abused by the righteous!

Due to the abuse of a few visitors, I’ve had to remove the link at the top of the page to encourage new posters.  I have received so many emails from people asking to “register” for the site that really don’t want to register.  All they want to do is to read new posts.  Registration isn’t needed for that.  Registration IS needed for individuals to author content on the site.  Since none of the new “registrations” are for new authors, I’ve removed the link.  If someone wants to author content, they’ll have to do a little more research in order to contact me about that process.

I’ll not mention who the abusers are, but I’ll hint to it.  Take a look at the past few posts to see a common theme and you’ll know all about it.

Anyway, I still invite those of you that are interested in commenting to make your comments or objections in the post and NOT to send me a personal email about it.  I get too much SPAM now as it is.

Take care and above all “Practice what you preach”.

Posted by SPN on 02/28 at 08:37 AM in Personal

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