movie Review “Taxi”

I love Queen Latifa, we share alot of the same game for the old school of kickin it down with the HP! For REAL!  So about the film.  Well The taxi was uhm cool I guess but you can’t connect and disconnect a blower by a switch, brakes too for that matter but I’m sure the movie producers weren’t counting on the audience being mechanically savy on street performance
(WRONG) thats why it flopped at the box.  One thing I do have to say The Queen held this movie together the whole way through with natural acting and quips of humor andimproptu but you could tell the producer was tellen her to tune it down...... This movie would have been a “Jimmy Hoffa” with out her playing the character she did.  Some great car chase scenes super model skin ( if your into that) all in all Romanian super models rob banks hold a trash mans mother hostage so he coorperates to make the pickups for them, street chases stupid bafoonish NYPD cops.  I’d really like to rate it higher b/c of The Queens performancebut I must give it a (coulda used alot more flava)
2.5 out of 6 stars

Posted by bbeard on 03/26 at 03:51 AM in Movies

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