Movie Review! “Hotel Rawanda”

This will be a hard review to write.  I waited a while to see this film/DVD and it surpased my expectations right away I will tell you that my rating for this film is a 6 out of 6 stars and I believe everyone should set aside some time to view the film not only will it possibly change your views on humanty but it just might have a gigantic opportuntiy at wedging some love in your black hearts for you family as well ~ this film may hold they very key to success in the modern world around us; that key - compassion the film spells it out cleanly and in a dignified way. 

The main character Paul ,the hotel manager, is so obsessed with stockpilling favors from his military friends that frequent his five star hotel and love his scotch.  Quickly Paul’s attitude changes from neccesity when he returns home from work and finds his wife and 15-20 neighbors hiding in his upper middle class paddock/home.  They are hidding in the safe-room from the soliers that are storming the streets and looting and pillaging the neigborhood.  Soon a miliraty vehicle shows up and demands his presence at the hotel because there is a disturbance P aul realizes he can not leave any of these people behind or they will be murdered.  He pleads for thier passage and packs them all into his passenger van enroute to the Hotel Rawanda.  On the wa the make a stop at a local bank where Paul is forced to get some keys that are of special interest to the sargent.  in the time that it takes to fetch the keys from the vault the sargent has changed his mind about the extra travelers: he demands 5,000 francs for each ones life.  Of course Paul does not have that kind of money on him there are too many people but quick thinking saves his travelers and family.  He begs the sargent for the lives of his family for a fair sum and offers the rest of the money for the rst of the people and asks that he allow them to pay what they can - of course money watches chains etc come forward imediatley.  Paul also promises 10,000 Francs for the lot and the sargent agrees.  they travel off to the Hotel Rawanda once inside Paul opens a safe gets the money exchanges for the people and brings them inside.  By this time its a full war zone outside the Hotel and inside its more of a triage and refugee camp.  He manages to find accomodations for all of his family and friends.

It was this one scene in the movie that really got a hold on me the deep compassion that Paul showed his fellow man so deep that he was willing to risk everything his job, everything, to save thier lives, and i asked my self would i do that?  I would like to say that I would - untill faced with the challenge I’ll never know exactly what I’m made of, but I sure would like to think that GOD blessed me some courage like that, now that man saved some lives not just some lives some lineage, some stories, he saved some roots, some deep roots.

I still insist that this is a MUST watch film.  For me it was much less about the battle between the Tutsis and the Hutus; Although that was extreemly educational for me.  For me it was the tender relearning of what compassion really is and why it is SO important!

Again 6 out of 6 stars.  And a strong reccomendation to watch if not to purchase

Posted by bbeard on 05/28 at 12:13 AM in Movies

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