Movie review “25th hour”

I found this to be an excellent fictional movie.  It surrounds the 25 hours leading up to a convicted drug dealers incarceration.  His last hours of freedom are chronicled with his last attempts to cement his relationships with his friends, his girlfriend and his father.

The movie doesn’t glamorize the common vices in today’s movies (sex, drugs, violence).  Athough there are two displays of violence they are crucial to the character’s development.

This is another movie where the viewer is tasked with deciding if the bad guy in the movie is actually as bad as the characters in the movie make him out to be.  I say he is a good guy that made some bad mistakes.  He will learn from this experience and be a better man.

Although it is a Spike Lee film, I was surprised that there weren’t any central black characters or actors.  There are a few Spike Leeisms in the film that make sure that the viewer knows whose fingerprints are on the film, the running racist monologue when the protagonist is venting his anger about his own situation and the full face dolly tracking of several characters in the nightclub scenes.

Out of six stars, I say five.

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