What do you think about this?  Do you still use these words?

Jay Smooth posted today about some sort of beef that’s been brewing between Luda and Oprah Winfrey since before Luda appeared with the rest of the cast of Crash on Oprah’s show a few months ago. I didn’t see the show, and it’s not on YouTube, but here’s apparently what happened: Oprah and Don Cheadle were getting all heated with each other over whether or not it’s OK for black people to drop N-bombs, Terrence Howard said that he doesn’t use the word himself, Oprah asked Luda if he’d consider not using it, and Luda squirmed around for a few seconds and said he agreed with Cheadle. Then Sandra Bullock asked Luda to stop saying “bitch” and “ho,” the crowd totally erupted, and Luda said that he’d stop when women stopped calling themselves bitches. Bullock said she wouldn’t call a woman a bitch unless she was one. End of segment. Whew. (Seriously, read this thing, even if I did just pillage it wholesale.) He told a few days ago that Oprah cut a lot of his comments out of the show, that he didn’t feel welcome in dealing with her at all, that she admitted in a backstage conversation that she felt like she was giving rappers a platform by having them on her show and that she wasn’t very comfortable with that. Also: “I don’t see why Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, who I am huge fans of, it’s OK for them to go on Oprah. They speak the same language I do, but they do it though comedy, so I guess that’s acceptable to her.”

Posted by CHANNI on 04/21 at 07:25 AM in Celebrity

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