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Low Down Brothas

I’m going to be the firebranded homophobe here for awhile.

My comment wouldn’t post so I posted here. I just couldn’t pass this up. It reminds me of the State of the Black Union Conference back in Feb. when the AIDS infected, gay author of the book “Living on the Down Low” (I think that’s the title) said something to the effect of “I met with Min. Farrakhan back stage and explained who/what I am and he said ‘I love you’ “.


I’m going to be the firebranded homophobe here for a while.

I know some gay men (Black & White) and I have respect for them because they are open about it. As long as they are not to the point of being “in your face” about it. I hear their conversations about how they enjoyed Pride Week etc. They for the most part respect me, even knowing my religious bent. So this is not a “Kill ‘Em All” letter.

Yes, this is denial and hypocrisy of the HIGHEST order. How do you not wear the label of what you truly are? LIAR, ADULTERER,IRRESPONSIBLE,MURDEROUS, GAY MAN! This is another twist on the “Playa Pimp” mentality among straight dudes. So instead of Gay man we can substitute straight man!

Yes, this isn’t so much about straight & gay as it is about (dis)honesty. I will say it isn’t about God & prayer not for Mr. King anyway, since he had some kind of religious background. But, because this is about honesty, IT IS about GOD and man’s straying from the author of life, marriage, family, AND honesty. No matter what name you call him by.

Those self deceived, and devious souls like Mr. King who deny what they are for fear of us being “comfortable” when the fact is that they are uncomfortable with their lies.

I’m highly pissed off with people like this because I speak from a similar experience. I married my ex-wife not knowing she was a crack addict. I thank God that my daughter wasn’t born addicted.
Yes, before I found out, things mysteriously disappeared from the house and I was angry about that. But nothing matches the anger of when you come to the realization (after discovery) that while in ignorance of the situation, MY LIFE was in danger because of other behaviors associated with how some women acquire drugs. I thank God for his protection of my life during this time. So, I can’t possibly imagine the rage of the poor women who are now saddled with AIDS after something like this.

Posted by cricket on 07/14 at 01:11 PM in Blogging

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