Lord, do remember me!

I hope that my prophecy does not come true.  I forsee a new wave of domestic terrorism commited by Right Winged Christian Angels of Death.

1. Bombings of abortion clinics.  Will the Bush Party attack Texas (or any other state) when that state harbors domestic terrorists?
2. Renewed attacks on people that don’t look or pray like Da-Vinci’s Jesus.  (But Jesus was a Jew, right?)
3. Red-lining of more people at banks and financial institutions.
4. Increasing speed and deliberation towards turning the US into a (more) fascist state.

Let me stop here.  I think I see my Patriot alarm turning yellow.  That means I should stop thinking and speaking my mind and focus on the few liberties I still have.

1. Reality TV.

Posted by SPN on 11/10 at 02:11 PM in Blogging

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