Look at what I have to deal with!

Why don’t people take the time to check themselves out before they start pointing fingers?  This is my response to an email I received about the first Hezekiah Walker post.  This also includes the original email above my response.

I wish people would get this worked up about issues that I consider more important like institutional racism and the continued erosion of our Freedom of Speech rights.

On 2/25/06, lmoss@deleted by SPN.mil wrote:
Name = Ms. Jones
> Email = lmoss@deleted by SPN.mil
> subject = Please register me.
> Commentbox = Why did you allow people to comment on a story that was YOU didn\’t research yourself?  Isn\’t that the first rule of journalism? The following quote, posted on your site, is by a true H Y P O C R I T E.
> \"It is all about the deceit and selfishness that is the worst part about this.  It would have been much easier and better for all parties involved if he had come clean about who he truly is a long time ago. Now, we are burdened to judge his misdeeds. I hate what he has done to us.
> Who is this person that they feel they can JUDGE someone--Are they GOD? Oh, I know they all live in unbreakable glass houses and have been sanctified and filled with the HOLY GHOST all of their lives.  I am sure there could not be ANY skeletons in ANY of these peoples lives--They have all lived SIN free and that word \"hate\" I saw must have been a typo-as the last time I checked--Scripture states, Love one another as I have loved you--I believe that is the GREATEST Commandment of all--
> People are so quick to JUDGE-however, JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED and I am sure you have enough BURDENS OF YOUR OWN TO BEAR without taking on someone else\’s.
> Signed:
> Practice what you preach

Ms. Practice what you preach, please don’t waste my time with your personal emails berating me and my weblog.  If you would like to discuss this issue, do it in public where the subject was first published.  I’ll do us all a favor and post your email and my response on the weblog.

Why did I allow people to comment on a story?  Well, you’ve taken your time to comment to me publicly.  I can’t stop you from sending me this message that was unsolicited nor can I stop people from posting what they feel is newsworthy.  As a matter of fact, I INVITE people to post what they feel is newsworthy.  You clicked on the link that says, “Email Admin to register” not “I don’t know how to make a public comment so I’ll try this”. 

I invite you to start your own weblog that deals only with facts that you’ve researched yourself.  I’m sure that you’ll find that fact checking isn’t as easy as finger-pointing is.  Besides ... I’m no journalist. Thanks for confusing me as one.

My comment of, “Now, we are burdened to judge his misdeeds. I hate what he has done to us.” was meant to be taken as an ironic statement.

I’ll even go so far and be flippant and say, “If you don’t like what is written, then YOU should take steps to castigate the original author and rumor-starter and not myself and the individuals that copied this and other stories on my weblog”.  If you are so concerned about facts, then I invite you to participate in the daily discussions on the site.

Why did you not comment on the post about Bill Bennet’s statement about aborting Black babies?  Why did you not comment on the reported death of Rosa Parks.  I don’t have first-hand knowledge of either of these events, but I feel that it is my duty to provide an area where myself and others may post on news that they read.  I also have provided an option for individuals llike yourself to comment on the post’s factual or fictitious nature. Please utilize the comment posting feature in the future.

Perhaps I am a little slow when it comes to understanding a few things, but I think I clearly understand that you are just as hypocritical as I am when you judged me to be a hypocrite.

Please don’t react to one post or one point of view before you, yourself, do some research.  You’ll notice if you take the time to read that I commented that the musicnewsweekly.com author invited me to edit the entry on my site that quoted an entry on his site.  I did that very same thing the following day.

I appreciate your views.

All the best.,

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