Let me apologize to all the readers…

Wednesday night my account, and by no coincidence this domain, was suspended by one of my server admins.  The account was suspended because I (or better yet, YOUR activity) was placing an extraordinary load on the server.  The extra load was caused by some extra things I added to the website.  I added some extra Google advertising links on all of the comment pages.  These extra ads were being called from the database.

It appears that there was a large increase of activity related to the placement of the ads on the pages.  This increase of activity degraded the performance of the server.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for paying attention to the Google Ads.  I’ll have to determine a way to help defray expenses for this site.

Don’t worry about me crashing the site again.  I’ll plan better the next time.

Posted by SPN on 11/11 at 07:51 AM in Personal

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