Just Venting

Just a vent about something that happened one day. Another Poem.

Let’s take a mental trip down memory lane to the day we met.  Wasn’t it funny how after you gave me the eye I showed the same interest in you?  The phone call I made to connect with you.

True I did play hard to get, what else could I do but get to know you and you know me, in the mental sense and physical sense too.

There was an imprint left on my mind, a mental stain that I can�t erase even after so much time has passed. Man I want to kick your ass!  You spit so much game I thought you were Parker Brothers dropping lyrics like sand in an hour glass.  Damn you were that good, had me all shook.

Took you to be serious but that wasn�t you.  You were only there for the moment and I know it wasn�t anything I did or maybe it was.  Maybe I was too nice, too in tune with my feelings and yours.  I got under your skin and it scared you because you were afraid of commitment.  What was it that you told me that you know when something�s good and you didn�t want to be trapped. You really didn�t have to worry about that!

I didn�t want to be your woman not at that time just your friend, because I had my own issue with which I had to deal.  You see I am happy with the skin I am in and content with myself so I didn�t need the justification of a man holding my hand. Instead all I wanted was to be your friend but again you thought differently thought I had another plan. But you were wrong and it�s been so long that I don�t talk to you any more.  But I will tell you what I miss, the way you kissed my lips and gave me the chills just from the embrace.  But alas that is no more so I�ve welcomed a new friend to my door but if you ever want to see your way back, no pretenses, no games just stick with the facts, because I don�t have an ulterior plan I know right now that its not where you nor I need to be.  We are just friends.

Posted by loni on 07/09 at 09:10 PM in Poetry

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