Just how prepared is the US from disaster?

This is a real test.  My boss said that if anyone was really interested in defeating or at least severely damaging the USA, they should attack us now.  We are displaying to the world just how unprepared we are to cope with serious hardship here.  New Orleans isn’t even that big a city population-wise.

I’m sure that the city has hundreds of transit and school buses that sat idle while the evacuation was underway.  Those buses should have been used to transport those that are now suffering.

The city has stated that the responsibility for getting out of the city was placed on the shoulders of the citizens themselves.  What the hell are the citizens paying taxes for?!  The citizens pay taxes so that the state (used as a term of localized control) can afford to provide basic necessities to its citizens.

It looks like the poor just got shafted again.  They live paycheck to paycheck barely able to pay rent and then they get abandoned when an emergency arises.  This is really sad that they were expected to afford a working car in order to save their lives.

The bad guys will definitely be paying attention to this.  There are lots of people that will say that they (the suffering) should have known better than to live in an area just waiting for a disaster like this.  I’m sure they did.  They relied on the state to provide protection and the state didn’t when they needed it the most.  I suppose that it is the fault of the poor that the hurricane hit.  Our wealth based classful society is setup to exploit the poor.  The poor must exist in order for the wealthy to profit.

A society can be judged by how it treats its poor (and everything else it does).  This is mounting evidence that the citizens that clean our houses and businesses and streets are second, even third, class citizens.  We show that when we leave them on our streets to die when the floodwaters rise.  Hindsight being 20/20, I’m sure that there are lots of people that will leave the Big Sleazy forever to attempt to make a better life in a less impoverished and poorly planned community.

There are lots of statements that “There was no plan”.  I disagree.  There was a plan.  It was ignored.  The state hoped to never need to spend the money to implement it.

Don’t we all know just how much an ounce of prevention is worth by now?

Have YOU made plans to provide for yourself since 9/11, the blackouts, and the “elevated” threat of terrorist activity?

Shouldn’t YOU know better than to live in such a dangerous place like your city?  Keep in mind that if you don’t have the means to protect and evacuate yourself, your state certainly isn’t prepared to help you until it is too late.

New Orleans proper has more people than Atlanta proper does.  Let’s hope and pray that a bigger city like Atlanta, or Baltimore isn’t forced to deal with a similar emergency.

Actually, let’s forget praying and hoping, let’s PLAN to succeed and protect ourselves.

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