Joseph and Jermaine Jackson Respond to Book Claims

I’m so sick of this family being in the news.

Date: Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Both Joseph Jackson and his son Jermaine have released statements in response to allegations made public by Stacy Brown in a 2003 proposal for Jermaine’s tell-all book.

Excerpts of the proposal, published this week in the New York Daily News, featured Jermaine’s account of several bombshell revelations about his famous younger brother Michael Jackson, including his alleged abuse of prescription drugs, hatred of Jews, and improper behavior with his nephews. The proposal also accuses Joseph of abusing his daughters LaToya and Rebbie.

Statements released by Jackson family spokesperson Angel Howansky on behalf of Jermaine and Joseph dismiss Brown’s account of the book as false. 

“Jermaine is very angry and upset at the obvious attempt of Stacy Brown to capitalize on the Jackson family name once again,” Howansky wrote. “Jermaine, along with his family, takes these false reports very seriously and will take legal action.”

Joseph said in a separate statement: “Our family has been manipulated and taken advantage of for a very long time and its time that this destructive maligning of our character stop. Stacy Brown has crossed the line once again, and legal will be taken against him. The Jackson family will no longer stand still and be a punching bag for the press to hit below the belt!”

As previously reported, Brown told the Daily News that he was serving as a ghostwriter for the planned tell-all from Jermaine, but the project was derailed after Michael found out about the book and “threw a fit,” including threatening to toss Jermaine out of the family’s Encino home if he didn’t cancel plans for its publication. 

Brown told the paper Monday: “The experience of writing the proposal...and then having Michael go nuts, Jermaine crying, and the family going into chaos mode was draining and weird, and one that I wouldn’t want to deal with again.”

On the other hand, columnist Roger Friedman implies that Jermaine may have lied on “Larry King Live” Monday night when he refuted the story. Here’s what Friedman wrote:

“He said the book proposal Michelle Caruso cited, written by Brown, was a fake. But in the CNN transcript archives, Jermaine told King on Jan. 9, 2003, that he was writing such a book:

KING: Are you working on a book?

JERMAINE JACKSON: Yes. ‘Legacy: Surviving the Best and Worst.’ Looking—meeting with certain publishers seeing can we go that extra mile. Seeing who’s willing to support a book tour worldwide and things like that. It’s about growing up. Growing up in Gary and our childhood and things that…

Brown told me this morning that he reminded Larry King’s producers of the exchange, and they ignored it.”

You can read more of Friedman’s report HERE. He reveals some really damaging excerpts from the purported book. All we can say is dayuuuum! If the info is true as alleged, Jermaine might want move to another planet so Michael won’t be able to get to him.

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