jet bikes?

“Now think about it. This engine was designed to lift a 10,000-pound Bell Ranger helicopter. Now it’s in a 460-pound bike. It only makes about 10 hp at idle and takeoff is no special thrill. The bike really pulls hard from about 50 or 60 mph, because turbines have to spool up. Then it’s like the hand of God pushing you in the back. When you leave the line you’ve got maybe 40 hp. You go 10 more feet and you’ve got 70 hp. Then you’ve got 100, then 150, then as much as you dare. This thing will do a quarter-mile in 9 seconds.” taken from

ok im just as crazy as the next gear head white guy in the the camaro next to you at the stop light except without the red-necked mullett!

here is a fine example of recycling another mans trash to create anothers treasure. 

id love to have one of those (350hp) bikes.  but hell im thinking things like gocarts - sandrails, jetski, powered scooters, and yaknow i could hook up one of those bastards to my bread mixer and power a pizza oven from the exhaust heat........ hmmmmm- maybe a new franchise pizza jet ultra fast take out.......... maybe delivered to you via a jet powered vw that when properly parked provides the key to the breadmachine mixer AND the pizza oven........ what else could i do with that oh! a snow mobile yeah that would kick ass..... then i could use the thrust too.  yeah a powered tobagan!!

now think about it.  its great that these motors are being put to “practical” uses.  but if one of those bastards melted my minivans front bumber there would be some trouble.

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