I’ve been a bad boy!!

i hope i get coal for christmas

then i can cram it up someones thoughtless @ss for asking me how i am doing and not expecting a responce back.  i went to a retail store (name withheld) where greeting customers is a store tradition.  the greater: “hello! How are you today?” a greeting and a question.  well i just cant leave a question un answered now can i? - nope!  so i informed the greeter of my many ailments and the reason for my store vistit which was i thought i was dying from saars disease (in-between my hacking and grasping for air) but i was gonna try some cold and flue nite-time medicine first - jsut to make sure.  jaut as i was about to thank the greater for his concern he ran off stating that it was break time.  i hope to greet him after the holidays with a huge chunk of christmas coal!!!

Posted by bbeard on 12/16 at 06:22 PM in Personal

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