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It must be hard to be a politician.

I mean I’d hate to be in chambers now as Pres. Bush asks for 80 billion dollars more for his war in Iraq.

I’d be one of the few people voting against the money.  Although I agree with the adage, “You break it; you buy it”, it wasn’t me the taxpayer that broke it.  It was the lame politicians that can’t see the costs of this war far outweigh the benefits.  From what I hear, more people are dying now than when Saddam was in power. 

Where were these people when Saddam was in power?  These insurgents that is.  Where were they?  They seem to be hell bent on killing everyone that is trying to make a difference.

This whole badword war has me all confused.  I mean we shouldn’t be there, yet we should uphold peace and freedom whenever we have the chance.  We have the chance to make a difference in Iraq, but our damned President was lied to and he lied to us about the reason he sent our troops over there.

Now, our soldiers are dying on a daily basis.  Recruiters are pressuring HS students and faculty to enlist in the military.  And now he wants another $80,000,000,000 to overspend on contracts to the rich and powerful contractors that lobby the beltway.

Is there anyone out there that I know that is savvy enough to figure out how we can get some of this $80,000,000,000 to spend on the homeless and uninsured here in the United States of America?


Posted by SPN on 01/25 at 10:49 AM in Blogging

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