It is tough being me.

Well, I’ve been fortunate that a few of you are interested in keeping up with what I’ve been up to.  It is unfortunate that I am still trying to update two websites.  I am not really that talented.  The easy part is that most of the tools that I am using are not too difficult to configure if you can RTFM (Read The F#$%ing Manual).  I have to say that my reading/comprehension skills are sometimes weak when it comes to technical web related stuff.

If you don’t mind, I’m gonna move your notifications to as that is where the bulk of updates and changes will be made.  This site will likely be pared down to a minimalist existence.

It ain’t that hard keeping a log if one is disciplined enough to organize one’s thoughts and sit down to make the changes.  Yes, there is just one of me.  I’ll talk about the likely event that will happen if I run into my clone on

Stay tuned,

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