I’m trying to be a good citizen

So, I threw out my .  I really like the stuff.  The main ingredients are chocolate and hazelnuts.  I like those fancy Ferro Rocher chocolates too.  This is the lower class, spreadable version of those chocolates.

Back to Nutella.  I threw out the Nutella because it has a picture of Kobe Bryant on the container.  He is smiling.  Probably because $.02 of what I paid for the jar is going into his pockets.  I threw it out because I am a consumer that cares about which celebrity is chosen to endorse the products I buy.  I haven’t bought much lately because there aren’t many celebrities that I care about.  Well, let me think about that.  I might just go out and buy the jet powered motorcycle that Jay Leno owns.  Heck, it’s just $150K.  Also, I think that I will buy the George Bush action figure.  It is so nice to have a president that is a real war hero.  A president that can fly a fighter jet and land on an aircraft carrier.  Yes, that is what I will do.  As soon as I find someone else’s credit card to use.

You don’t think I’m gonna use my money to buy that crap do you?

(this is a joke. I ain’t throwing out my Nutella for ANYBODY!)

Posted by SPN on 08/19 at 07:47 AM in Personal

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