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I’m relieved that the deadly fight over filibusters has been avoided.

It would have been a bad day if the filibuster option was revoked for that is one of the ways that the original framers of the constitution created to avoid (perceived) excesses by the majority party Red or Blue.

If one party can use their power over the other without regard for strong opposition, then that is only a few steps away from tyranny.  It doesn’t matter to me Republican or Democratic, one party rule without checks on the power is deadly for all.

Good job moderate Senators!!

Now, get back to work and bring our troops home!  I think that the people are speaking over there.  It is time to lose face and save lives.  Democracy does not grow from the barrel of a gun.  If anything, retreat and continue the war in clandestine fashion.

Did I miss anything?

Posted by SPN on 05/24 at 08:54 AM in Blogging

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