I’m gonna make somebody mad.

My good and close friend, (name witheld), just sent me an urgent email.  This email was, believe it or not, requesting that I forward an email in order to get free money from Microsoft and AOL.

I thought that everybody already knew that email forwarding/tracking programs don’t work.

For the record, to you or anyone that is interested in forwarding me an email that promises that I get something for nothing if you haven’t checked http://urbanlegends.com or http://about.com or any of the dozens of websites that report about these hoaxes, DON’T SEND IT BEFORE CHECKING FIRST.  Or at least don’t send it to me. 

At least call one of the numbers that is bound to be listed in the .sig of the person who first “verified” that it was “really true”.

Sorry buddy, I just had to get it off of my chest.

--update 11:45
I just got another email stating that it was a joke to get me to respond.  Very funny.  OK, the war has just begun.

Posted by SPN on 11/26 at 11:27 AM in Funny Stuff

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