I’m curious.  Maybe you know …

Do white guys call each other “brother”?

Here is something I’ve noticed all within one week.  While driving back from TN last week, I saw some young light green Marines in a traffic jam in VA.  I greeted them with a heartfelt “Ooh-Rah” and a “Semper Fi”.  I explained that my beard, moustache and dreaded hair were results of being outside of the requirement to be “squared away” for the last 16 years.  The Marine driving said, “Right on brother!  I can’t wait.”

It was a short conversation that made me smile to see some young Marines prepared to make some other poor fool die for his country.

Last night I watched a few minutes of the NBC show ”Scrubs” which is a comedy about a group of employees at a hospital and the comedy that ensues.  One of the doctors, who is Black, recalled a moment when the new administration was introduced to the surgical staff.  All of the doctors stood inline and were greeted with, “It’s good to meet you.  Keep up the good work”.  When the black doctor was approached, he was greeted with a “soul grip” and a, “My man, what’s up dog?  Stay cool.” instead of the more formal greeting.

He was confused.  So was I.  It still made me laugh.

And today, while watching the replay of the Zab Judah vs. Floyd Mayweather fight on April 15th.  BTW, Floyd whupped that butt.  Jim Lampley commented about all of the Hip-Hop artists in the crowd and then said that Jay Z was his new best friend because they had hung out the night before.  Jim said, “There’s my new best friend.  I was hanging with the man last night.  I’m hip. ...”

How does haniging with a Jay Z guy make Jim Lampley hip?  What is hip?  Can a person become hip or is one born hip?

I guess my question is, ...

Why does it appear to me that short term associations with black guys, namely me, Dr. Chris Turk and Jay Z cause some Marines, hospital adminstrators and television commentators, respectively, to have the irresistable urge to speak jive?

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