I was just waiting for this to happen.

We got uninvited to a party in Manahawkin, NJ because we are black.

Randy and Linda, Trinity’s NJ Godparents, told us about a party on the 31st of July.  When we visited them a coupple of weeks ago we went to the guy’s house that is having the party.  He confirmed the party’s date and the fact that we were invited.  Hell, the sign that he puts out in front of his house says, “Everyone invited”.

Well last night Randy calls me to tell me about his day at work with a sorry assed coworker that keeps disappearing.  He is invisible so much that they call him “Houdini”.  After we laughed about that slacker Randy broke the news to me.  It seems that the host’s mother doesn’t like black people.  His mother.  The word got back to Randy via his mother-in-law.  She was told by a neighbor of hers who had dinner with the host’s mother. 

That is a long chain of she-saids, but I am inclined to believe that it is true.  I believe it because, Randy said that after he heard this news from his mother-in-law he was so upset that he went home and cried.  Now, any of you that have met Randy know that he is probably one of the most rugged guys that we know here in NJ.  He is from Texas, a former Marine and would just love to kick your ass because you were mean to one of his housecats.  Randy is the LAST guy in the world that I would believe would cry for something that doesn’t involve the continuing decline of our national security.

Randy cried, and I didn’t flinch. 

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been awaiting the day to relegate NJ back into place with states with a large redneck, cracker, peckerwood population.

Yesterday was that day.

Anyway, Randy has talked to many of his neighbors and some of them have decided not to go to the cracker’s party.  Randy and Linda will have their own party two doors down for the Klan rally.

So as we say in the ‘hood, “Party over here, ain’t shit over there!”

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