I saw “Team America: World Police” Tuesday night.

I’d like to say that I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

The movie starts off with the standard R rating text except that it adds this line, “GRAPHIC CRUDE & SEXUAL HUMOR, VIOLENT IMAGES & STRONG LANGUAGE, ALL INVOLVING PUPPETS”.

That should have been enough information right there for me to decide that I was in over my head.  But I wasn’t brave enough to approach the DVD player.

The movie was hilarious.  Sure there were weak parts in the movie, but they were so short-lived to make them practically nonexistent.

My favorite parts were:
1.  When the actor puppet gets drunk and pukes for a full 60 seconds on screen.  This scene I didn’t fully see the first time because my eyes were closed too tightly because I was laughing so hard.

2.  When Kim Jung Il sings about how lonely he is to be the King of Korea.

3.  The looks on the faces of all the people in the world that are “saved” from the WMD’s by Team America.  Team America is too arrogant to realize how destructive and egotistical they are.  The producers make this a direct statement on the US’s foreign policy to go in shooting with or without the agreement of the world’s governing body, the UN especially when there is proof to the contrary of their beliefs.

4. It was just funny to see the puppets fighting and trying to walk in a straight line.

I say that this is a definite movie to watch.  Especially if you are in a mood for a completely over-the-top, adult themed movie with lots of explosions and extravagent sets and costumes. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there is puppet sex in this movie.  So don’t watch this in your family room unless the children or immature adults are absent.  The puppets are completely nude and are there is no doubt what they are doing.

Go to your local library and enjoy yourself by checking this movie out.

Posted by SPN on 07/14 at 08:56 AM in Movies

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