I need to rant

Frankly, I’m pissed about the election for 2 reasons.  #1 - progressive radio (Air America), Zogby, and a number of blogs I was reading led me to hope. My hope was dashed and it sent me crashing. #2 - many of my evangelical brethern are believing and worshiping a mortal man who does not give good evidence of bearing fruit.  Just because someone calls themself a Christian means nothing to me.  It is the people they surround themselves with and their actions.  I do not think surrounding yourself with thugs who are willing to suppress the rights of citizens whether it be by intimidating people of color from voting or labeling US citizens “enemy combatants” so they cannot get legal representation or even know why they are being held indefinitely. 

Americans by and large are hopeful people but I cannot understand the hopefulness in this case.  Mr. Bush did some despiscable things during an administration in which he hoped to get re-elected.  What do you think he will do now in a lame duck administration and he controls the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court? 

More than 2/3 of the people of this country actually believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11.  Nearly half the people of this country believe that there are WMD’s in Iraq.  Have you listened to “hate” radio these days?  I used to listen to it (for years).  I stopped about half a year ago when I could no longer stand the lying propaganda.  Now the White House Hawks want to invade Iran!  Do people understand the ramifications of that!  They likely have nuclear capability.  You think the Arab world hates us now!  The neo-cons are some crazy people who believe they are ushering in the Rapture!  In the words of Bernie Mac - they need Jesus and to study the Book of Revelation again.

When I hear people talk about finally having a “Christian” nation, I cringe and I’m an evangelical.  Why?  Because, who’s brand of “Christianity” will be enforced?  Is it Pat Robertson’s?  Is it Ralph Reed’s?  Is it Jerry Falwell’s?  Is it any of the many whack jobs out there?  There are people (and my father-in-law worked on such a campaign) who believe it is immoral for women to get educated past high school.  Michael Farris ran for governor or senator in VA back in the mid-1990’s on such a belief.  He believes girls should get married and raise families only after a high school education.  And he’s a lawyer. 

I can tell there are women at my church who disapprove of the fact that I work outside the home and my daughter is going to school rather than homeschooling.  Fortunately, I don’t get that too much but it’s at every church I’ve attended here over the past 10 years.  I am fearful that if we get a so-called “Christian” nation, we will have our own American Taliban.  The zealots would rule because “religious” countries tend to want to prove how “religious” they are.  That’s exactly what Jesus fought against in His time.  So be careful what you ask for.  Okay, maybe I will stop ranting.

Posted by Nuttshell on 11/04 at 12:56 PM in Blogging

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