I just noticed another dent/paint scratch on my car today.

What is it with this “first parking space” addiction?

Why do we have to get the first freaking parking space?

Why can’t we save all that time circulating the parking lot in a veinglorous attempt to save 13 measly footsteps towards the Walmart/Pizza Hut/McDonalds buffet line? 

“DING DING Attention Blue light Mega Mart diners.  We are offering $5 off every coronary arrest today before our closing hours.”

And on the subject, when I do choose to park away from the f$%ing store, why do you have to park right next to me?  I mean, leave me a foot or two between our cars.  Can you do that for me?

I also don’t like those of you that pull lazily into parking spaces.
You should ALWAYs back into parking spaces.

This way after you’ve complete the inside part of your caper, you don’t have to three-point-turn out of the parking lot to your freedom from incarceration.

Posted by SPN on 04/17 at 07:46 AM in Personal

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