I hit a kid yesterday on the way home from the mechanic’s shop.

There I was going down the road inding my own business.  I was doing less than the posted speed limit of 45 MPH.  The entire trip is probably less than two miles round trip.

As I cross the small creek less than 1/4 mile from the house there were three juvenile boys walking WITH traffic along the side of the road.

In NJ we have these things I was told were called “Fog Lanes”.  They are 3/4 sized lanes to the right of the main travel lane separated by a solid yellow line.  These lanes are used for passing cars that are turning left from the main single lane road or for breakdowns, etc.

Well, these three boys saw me coming down the road.  I know this because all three of them looked back towards me.  How can you miss someone coming down the road when you look back and you are walking WITH traffic?

So, since they (I presume) made eye contact with me, I continued to travel down the road at my established speed.  As I approached them the three stupid boys all started to run across my intended travel path!

Why in the world all three boys would start to run in front of me is beyond my comprehension.  I started to scream, “Hey get out of the way!” as I hit one of the boys.

I hit him and he fell to the ground.  I hit him square in his chest as his eyes widened to capture my complete image as I barrelled into him.  I fell to the ground too.  The stupid boy made me crash on my brand new bicycle.  My brand new bicycle has road rash now.  My left knee has road rash now.

I have a new disdain for young boys that don’t know enough NOT to walk WITH traffic.  You are supposed to walk AGAINST traffic so that you don’t do the stupid thing that these boys did.

As I flew through the air towards the center of the main travel lane, all I could think was, “I hope there aren’t any cars coming up behind me to squish me into the asphalt.” Fortunately, there wasn’t

I’m OK.  He’s OK but still probably stupid.

I hate stupid kids.

Posted by SPN on 04/30 at 06:58 AM in Personal

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