I hate Wizards

and I Hate XP-Pro even More.  Take into consideration that I am a hands-on ("I want you to do THIS”, “configure this exact way” kinda guy.  I’m at home navigating what seems to be the endless trees and forests (whoever thought of those name shemes is gay -& rich) of a network and appliyng nasty securty scripts to local and roaming profiles just for kicks.  Win2000 Server(Stand-Alone/domain controller),WIN2000, NT 4.0- server, NT Work Station are all based on the same 32 bit technology that XP is the NT kernal its just that the software is written in such a way that practically any fool is able to add harware and software to thier PC.  Now in todays market it really is a complicated task its just with all the “wizards” and GUI’s (Graphical User Interfaces) you just don’t notice how complicated the task really is.  Software has goten more powerful and likwise allot more hungry for resoures.  Anybody remember when a Pentium 100mhtz was the shizzle-nizzle and it ran Word and Excel just fine.  So why now does it take a 2,000.00 WIN-TEL PC to run Word and Excel?  Ok I’m off my point. but am I?  I hate XP!  It’s so full of wizards! you want to tweak something and you go to the “area” to do the tweaking yup, another damn wizzard! with questions like what kind of internet connection would you like to establish today?  I mean and it’s to polite too.  and it’s a good thing it didnt talk b/ I probably would have done a fair amount of screaming back at it.  The thing is… XP is for lpeople who just dont reallyknow any better i guess that would be a nice way to say it.

Posted by bbeard on 04/24 at 04:42 AM in Blogging

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