I hate dropping the soap in the shower.

Yesterday, I dropped the soap in the shower.  I cursed in the private sanctity of my shower stall.  I hate dropping the soap.

No, this doesn’t come from some bad experience in prison or in the military.  I’ve never been in prison and my bad military experiences didn’t involve the shower.

I just hate to see the little soap rocket to go scooting all around the floor of the shower picking up stuff that I had just washed off of my body.

Now I’ve got to wash the soap off!  This part really confuses me because I can’t figure out what a person uses to clean soap bars.  So, I usually just wipe it off with my washcloth.

Now, I’ve got to get a clean washcloth.  I’m warm and wet in the shower and now I have to track water down the cold dry hallway on my way to get a clean washcloth.

Now back in the shower I can’t figure out what part is clean and what part isn’t so clean!

Whose idea was it to come up with showers anyway?

Posted by SPN on 11/15 at 01:52 PM in Personal

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