I got pissed again today.

I picked up a sandwich at the local Wa-Wa and while I was driving down the street with one hand, buckling my seatbelt with the other, I pondered again…

Why aren’t I allowed to choose whether or not I wear a seatbelt in a car?

One of the lame assed excuses I hear is that, “It protects you.”

Besides the fact that I may have to pay a fine if found not wearing it, I’d rather be able to choose whether or not I wear it.  I would probably wear it; I hate being a ward of the state.

If it is all about protection of my own dumb ass, then why isn’t it a fineable offense that I eat right before bed?  Why isn’t the state charging me for a crime when I refuse to exercise the minimum 30 minutes per day?  Where is my ticket for failing to floss daily?

I mean, why aren’t I protected from myself better.  I’m clearly incapable of choosing how/where and when to take the safest route through life.  I’m pretty careless.  My motorcycle has no seatbelts nor airbags.  Besides I usually ride my motorcycle much faster than I would DARE to drive my car.  There is something strange about that.  I haven’t figured it out yet.  Yes, I am scared to drive a car as fast as I am willing to pilot my motorcycle.

I need some help. 

Hear that, choosers of my destiny?!

Posted by SPN on 12/20 at 10:21 PM in Personal

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