I don’t know about drivers in VA.

On our way to Georgia last week, I had the pleasure to drive through the great Commonwealth of Virginia.  Rolling down I-95 towards the intersection with I-85 in Petersburg, I noticed that there are more cars in the left passing lane than there are in the right lane.  I also notice that the cars in the left lane are going slower than the cars in the right lane.  So, I pass the cars in the left lane.  But then just just 10 minutes later, I notice the same thing.  I don’t know what it is about drivers on I-95 in VA.  They can’t seem to cruise slowly in the right lane.

I also notice that I never seem to notice the speed limit signs during this stretch.  So, because I am sure that the speed limit on I-95 in VA is between 75 and 95 miles an hour, I choose to cruise at around 85 miles an hour.  I don’t want to impede traffic by going too slow nor do I want to exceed the posted speed limit too much.  So, 85 MPH it is passing all of the Sunday morning drivers (which actually occurs on Friday night).

Anyway, during this period I start to conceive and mentally design a device that will simultaneously fire a rocket out of the front of my car and anchor a chain connected to the rocket at a safe location off of the road.  This way when the rocket enters the car that is impeding traffic, the anchored chain will snatch the vehicle out of the way before my vehicle passes the impeding vehicle’s space.  “Better driving through science”

I’ll need some additional design details.  So, B, if you’re reading this, holla’ at me.

Posted by SPN on 02/28 at 09:29 AM in Personal

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