I am the subject of begging.

My beloved Aunt in the DC area has been emailing me recently.  It seems that her sweet-tooth has been aching again. 

Just over two years ago, the family spent Xmas at her house.  I apologize to everyone that doesn’t like the fact that I didn’t spell out the ninth word in the previous sentence.  You should not need a reminder of the reason for the season. I made a lemon pie from sweetened condensed milk, lemons, egg and a Graham cracker crust.  I even made a meringue topping.  Anyway, my beloved Aunt really likes loves pie and specifically lemon pie.  She’s been emailing me asking me to make her one.  So now the question is, how does the pie get to Suburban DC in pristine condition?  Hmm, I suppose I could drive it down there.  She could drive up here to get it.  I could ship it, but it wouldn’t be pretty that way.

I’m open for suggestions.

Oh yeah, my Grandmother has been asking for a cheesecake too.  But those freeze ok for shipping.  That one is no problem.

I’ll be happy if you have any suggestions on how to get the cake four hours south of here.

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