I am NOT a sportz guy….

I am not a sports guy but i do know that there are alot of different factors in the following comparisons.

pete rose = baseball, gambled on the games he was playing - ended entire career

artest =basketball, visciously attacked fans (several times) when physically unprovoked
suspended for only ONE season.

ok so i want to be a celebrity superstar and let my temper run my proffessional life, hell i’ll let it run my home life too......  when i dont get my way or someone breaks the rules ill just throw a huge “domestic -rage fit”, and when people don’t like my fit-throwing and express that by trying to cool my temper by tossing a cold beverage in my premadonna face ill pummel them and anyone around them into submission regardless of guilt; im a celebrity and I make the F@CKING RULES!!!!!!!!.  You know why I make the rules b/c everybody is stupid enough to pay me several million dollars A GAME to play a stupid sport that doesn’t benifit humanity in any way other then marketing to a sellect group of enthusiasts.  I am a modern non hero celebrity - dont call me a role model just write me my f@cking checks and leave me the hell alone before i kick your @ss

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