Hotmail sucks.

So does unwise email forwarding.

Well, it used to.  It still does only because it seems to be one of the domains of choice for spammers forging emails.

For this reason, several months ago I enabled a filter on my ISP email address to filter out email from the Hotmail domain.

I still maintain a Hotmail account only because I’ve had it for many years now and they have increased their storage space.

I rarely, if ever, use it to send email.  I use it as the registration email when I need to register on a web forum.

If you send an email from Hotmail to my ISP email address, you will likely receive a bounce.

I also have a “bone to pick” with those of you that still forward emails to all of your friends and family.

If you feel it is absolutely necessary to forward an email of dubious authenticity/necessity, please do the world a favor and place everyon’e email address in the ‘bcc’ field.  This way when the absurdly long email list is delivered to a SPAM bot, they will not be able to harvest email addresses to previously unknown addresses.  This way you can do your friends a favor by keeping their address somewhat private.

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