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I was clickin around the web and stumbled accross the webb and found this.  Keep in mind that this gall just lost her father to prostate cancer and finshed the finalls and cerimonies etc etc.  Im looking up this information b/s my step Father has just been diagnosed w/ P-Cancer.  So many times we leave the unsung hero left UNSUNG this letter or BLOG is beautiful and I must say I wish I was half this man.

i just wanted to thank all of my new friends here on these boards..my dad just passed away on jan. 4th from prostate cancer. he was diagnosed 13 years ago and was 82 when he died. as one of his primary care givers, i devoted most of my waking hours taking care of him, feeding tube, nuphrostomy tubes, etc. i was so close to my father and very spoiled by him, we gave him the best send off. he deserved it. ssgt marine corps full military honors 21 gun salute taps...he had 7 grandchildren and they each held a red white and blue balloon with a note attached to pop pop. when taps was played they let their messages and balloons go it was a beautful site. 2 days later my two brothers went fishing to try and get their minds off of things. my dad had prev. been in a boating accident 4 yrs ago and his 3 buddies were killed, he was the only survivor and since then had no desire to fish. they went to the beach went fishing and as they were leaving walking up to the dunes pop up a red and blue balloon went over their heads with ribbons streaming behind and made a bee line for the ocean. my brothers dropped their rods and chased after the balloons they got them and brought them home because they knew no one would believe them. i don’t know why i’m telling you this, i guess i find comfort in this story and wanted to share with you. i have been able to focus my mind on my passion which is painting i look to it as my therapy in many instances. i’m now getting my mom hooked. anyway ...thanks

my brothers and sister and i got a chance to speak at the funeral, probably the hardest thing to do ..but found this inner strength and thought how can i not speak about him, anyway, this is what i said ...thanks for listening to me, it makes me feel better.

On the day I was born, my father told my mother that I had filled a hole in his heart. Today, that hole is in my heart. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adored my dad. I guess you could say, he spoiled me ñ okay, he spoiled me rotten and I loved every minute! I think he did too!

Iíll bet he had some regrets when he got me that ëEasy Bake Ovení. I would create these ìwonderfulî creations using anything my mom would approve of, and then put them in my dadís lunch. He would always come home and tell me how delicious his treat was, which always prompted me to create yet another fabulous unidentified treat for the next dayís lunch.

I remember as a little girl, one of the highlights of my day, was when my dad came home from work, through the back door 5 oíclock on the dot! He always had those tiny mints ìDynamintsî in his shirt pocket. We could always see the mints through the burn holes in his pocket from welding all day. After dinner, in the summertime, we would always go fishing down at the damn, but this was always after ëjust one more cup of coffeeí. Which reminds me of a few of his quirky habits. Dad loved to get you with the back of his very hot spoon after stirring his coffee. He always scraped the side of his spoon 3 times to get every drop of coffee off of the spoon. Guess what? I find myself doing the same thing every morning!

As a teenager, I used to write my dad notes, and stick them in his lunch. I tried to fold them all different ways ñ just to drive him crazy. My mom showed me just a few days ago, in his nightstand drawer ñ he saved all of them!

My dad was retired when I got married. He knew my heart was set on the most wonderful wedding gown I had ever seen ñ he worked at Fazzioís welding a few hours a day to get me the extra money for that dress!

His hands worked so hard to give us everything he could! His hands were never raised to me in anger. I held those hands as a little girl for protection; as a teenager for guidance; as an adult for strength and wisdom. During his life, Iíve held his hands many times, but never did it mean more to me than in the past few months ñ I held those hands in the past months, weeks, days, hours and the very last minute of his life. I could feel his strength becoming weaker, but his love never faded.

Iím so thankful my children will always have such wonderful memories of him. He was the best Pop-Pop in the world! Whenever any of his grandchildren walked into the room, his face would light up! He was so proud of all of them!

He was handsome ñ brave ñ stoic ñ my pillar of strengthÖÖÖhe was my daddy.

Here is one last note from me, I know you will show it to me again someday.

I love you,

Jeanne XO X0 X0 X0

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