holiday fun

a number of friends ( all names witheld for privacy) have expressed an interest in making vinegar and other flavor infused items.  so I have taken the liberty of jotting down one of my favorite holiday - idieeers! (LMAO)

have you ever served vodka infused with the volcanic flavors of the habanero pepper?  well! now is the time to make those “hot f*ck*n damn” cinnamon shots for company!  start with a nice vodka that is not too expensive - i usually start at a discount shop and chose the sickest looking bottle (-note: if you can’t find a sick bottle then use a “sick” decanter).

once you get the bottle home you will start with putting in (750ml) 2 dried habanero peppers and six(6) cinamon sticks.  the best way is to let the flava-fusion happen over a month period - but if your short on time you can create a bullion on the stove and add that to the works

making a bullion......

to make a bullion start with some water and add the cinnamon and pepper.  boil on the stove untill it looks liker there is very little water left adding some water a little at a time - the key here is to render the flavors of the pepper and cinnamon into the water.  be careful to keep away from kids and animals!!  strain the bullion with a metal screen or strainer and set aside to cool.

now you will need to make a simple syrup.  make about 2 cups for every 750ml.  for every CUP of white processed sugar, add 1 tbl-spoon of water.  this will “melt” down into a syrup.  when it does you will need to add your bullion, (-note: if you have allready infused your vodka then just add the cooled syrup at this time.) mix the bullion and syrup completely and then reduce it a bit to thicken back to the syrup’s consitency.  combine everything together and add some red dye(food coloring-the liquid kind) to make it look RED!! let it set overnight and serve chilled in a shot glass.

of cource you can do other things like tangarine infused brandy or bourbon or other flavored vodkas like espresso flavored to make your own “kaluah”—your only limited by your own imagination.

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