Hitting back at oil companies

Is it possible to find out the oil suppliers for Costco and other retailers?

A friend sent me an email about getting back at Exxon and Mobil - two of the largest oil companies in the world.  Basically, the email campaign suggests that if people stopped buying gas from those two companies, they would have to reduce the price at the pump.  I responded that I buy my gas from Costco or Smith’s (a Utah based supermarket chain).  I have no idea where they get their gas.  There’s also another gas retailer here in NM called Giant.  I don’t know who supplies them either.  Actually Giant supplies gas to Smith’s but I don’t know about Costco or who supplies Giant.  My attempts to research this on the Net has not proven fruitful.  So, how does one find this stuff out?  Anyone know?

Posted by Nuttshell on 08/25 at 09:50 AM in Blogging

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