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All it takes for an urban legend to spread is for someone to neglect to get their information first-hand.  Read on…

Music News Weekly (

By:  Tim Hunter, Founder

We at deeply apologize to the family, friends,
congregation and Pastor Hezekiah Walker, for allowing ourselves to be
pawns of a totally false story that was confirmed by
As the founder, I am deeply hurt of the lack of integrity and respect I
have allowed to come through Music News Weekly against Pastor Walker.
I was given the opportunity to discuss this matter directly with Pastor
Walker and offer my sincere apologies for allowing such a terrible
thing to take place.  In doing so, it was clear to see the strength of
god in the middle of total evil. 

Pastor Walker, in total wholeness, accepted my apologies.  For those
that don’t understand how powerful that is, let me offer a deeper look
at what this man has suffered because of this story.  Pastor Walker is
man who built a reputation of solid integrity and respect, worked very
hard for all that he has, and inspires many through song and word.  A
man who speaks to uplift and does so with his own actions.  But, one
story, which was derived most likely from one sick individual, almost
caused destruction to all that he has built.  A great many people are
familiar with Pastor Walker in all that he truthfully represents.
Thanks to a young lady within his church named Nicollette, I was able
to dig deeper to find what everyone else already new.  Pastor Walker is
a HETEROSEXUAL MALE who was the chosen victim of total stupidity on
behalf of many. 

As for myself, through the shame that goes with the territory, express
the fact that I am very apologetic to all.  I find it very troubling
that this fictional story caught my attention and that of other media
outlets, but the Pastor Walker program dedicated to influencing gang
members from Bloods & Crips to turn in their guns went unheard.  I now
see this as a blessing and opportunity to actually tell the story of a
man and some of the great things about him.  We will do a profile story
on Pastor Hezekiah Walker and let the world read about his real life. 

Posted by Music News on 02/24 at 01:20 PM

Posted by Onaje Everett on 02/25 at 01:57 PM in Blogging

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