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Here’s something that is a FANTASTIC idea!

All income taxes should be abolished.

Then, in order for the Fed. to raise capital, sales taxes should be raised.

Because as it is now, you are taxed when you earn income.
You are taxed when you earn dividends and interest.
You are taxed when you purchase something,

The only people that may not pay their fair share of income taxes are the wealthy, those that participate in cash transactions only and those involved with illegal activities.  Ther emay be others, but I’m hungry now and my thoughts are wandering.

If taxes are only paid on sales, then everyone that purchases an item will get taxed.  Think of it as a luxury tax.  If you can afford to buy something, you can afford to pay taxes.

Everyone listed in my exlusion list will pay taxes when they go to the car dealership or the jewelry store.

This is a perfect idea.  Why hasn’t this been made a public interest issue like Bush claims SS reform is?

Posted by SPN on 02/10 at 12:24 PM in Personal

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